9 Coffee Thermoses Reviewed (Best and Worst!)

Coffee to go!

Imagine it, sitting at a wide, open piazza in Rome or Milan or another city of your choice. The sun is still- just taking its time settling up into the sky. As you sit, you see people leisurely stroll to work. Maybe they greet you or give you warm smiles. You inhale the deep, rich aroma of your coffee wafting up from your cup as you sit back, relax, and let the day bring what it may. But THEN, your alarm goes off! Time to rise, grind, and get that coffee to-go!

But, never fear, here we have compiled a list of ten great thermoses (thermii?)! These thermoses are perfectly suited to rushing to work, preparing for travel or a big trip, or for enjoying camping, hiking or backpacking in nature. So, let’s take a look and maybe you will discover your next perfect coffee buddy!

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BEAST 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum Insulated  

The BEAST is a decent, all-around tumbler option- offering great insulation, a sweat free exterior, and a varied color catalogue. The BEAST also features a stainless steel straw, complete with a straw cleaning brush and an additional lid. 

Many also seem happy with how easy the BEAST is to clean, but some complain about the quality of the interior steel.  At a relatively high price point, the BEAST is hard to recommend over some similar featured options like the Juro.

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask

Brilliant colors but not necessarily leak proof, the Hydro Flask still has some good things in store for those seeking an attractive, insulated coffee container. It can keep cold drinks cold literally all day (up to 24 hours) and hot drinks hot for a shorter duration (6 hours) but still a very long time.

Given some people having complaints about leaky lids, this one is a bit harder to recommend over some other options on the list.

Simple Modern 12 oz Classic Tumbler Travel Mug

Vacuum insulated and said to be able to keep contents hot for up to 20 hours, the Simple Modern Tumbler is a great mug for keeping your coffee hot throughout the workday.  We also wanted to note how colorful these mugs are. While standard black is an option, so too are floral and various other wave inspired designs. The leak-proof lid is also a major positive. 

Some have mentioned having some trouble opening the flip lid but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread complaint.  The Simple Modern ends up as a decent mid-range option given its price/feature set. The Juro perhaps slightly more value, but Simple Modern provides a bit more variety in aesthetic.

Corkcicle 16oz

The main distinguishing feature is of the Corkcicle is its triple stainless steel insulated interior. Most insulated mugs use a double wall, but this triple wall is sure to keep your beverage hotter (or colder) longer. It is also shatter proof. The mug comes in a sleek black as well as a charming sylvan wood panel design with a variety of other fabulous colors, too.  

Overall, the Corkcicle is a great option.  We will note that some have warned about not putting it in the dishwasher- probably should stick to washing it by hand in the sink.

SUNWILL 20 oz Tumbler 

The SUNWILL is a hefty thermos with some great specs. The SUNWILL is doublewalled, eco-friendly, sweat-proof finish, insulated stainless steel. The SUNWILL also has an extensive color palette to choose from.  People also seem very impressed by the SUNWILL’s splash and spill-proof lid specifically.

The SUNWILL doesn’t have any one particular feature that stands out, but is generally complete with almost every feature you’d look for and the color options are quite nice.  The price tag is a bit high for its feature set, but the build quality feels nice.

YETI Rambler

What would a list of travel mugs, cups, thermoses and tumblers be without taking a look at what YETI has to offer?  Fans of YETI products swear by their ability to keep contents cold or hot for a long, long time. The YETI Rambler offers YETI’s typical superior insulative performance, but also harnesses the power of magnets for its YETI MagSlider Lid.  YETI’s are safe for the dishwasher, and their DuraCoat exterior will stay vibrant for a long, long while. Like many of the other thermoses on our list, YETI has a catalogue of neat color options. 

People seem generally pleased with the YETI Rambler, making it fairly easy to recommend, but some have complained that it isn’t completely leakproof.

Contigo AUTOSEAL (West Loop or LUXE)

The AUTOSEAL is all in the name. The way the AUTOSEAL works is by sealing up the mouthpiece between sips of your favorite hot beverage.  You just press the Autoseal button when taking a sip and release it when you’re done; the Contigo will reseal automatically. It is also relatively easy to clean and can go right in the dishwasher.  A general positive is the way the mug stays cool to the touch on the outside regardless of the temperature of the contents.

The West Loop and LUXE are two variants of Contigo’s AUTOSEAL.  The West Loop looks more like a traditional travel mug, while the LUXE features a flip top lid (detachable and dishwasher safe).

Overall, this is definitely a mug we’d recommend and one that very few seem to have complaints about.  We are marking both the West Loop and LUXE varieties of the Contigo AUTOSEAL as top overall picks.


Juro Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

The Juro 20 oz Tumbler is perhaps the best value on our list. The Juro is a doublewalled thermos with a steel straw. Because the Juro is great for both hot and cold beverages, the addition of the straw makes enjoying iced coffee or cold brews super easy. (a straw cleaner also provided!) Now as for the fan reviews? People also seem to like the eco-friendly materials, design and philosophy of this product.

We’d recommend the Juro as the best value on the list – generally the Juro can be had for around $10 making it substantially cheaper than many other options but with most of the performance.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Okay, so the Ember is a bit of a bonus item for our list that falls completely in its own category. We did want to discuss it here as a bit of an extra gizmo and gadget for those in the market for a more expensive mug packing extra technology. The Ember is a programmable heated mug that can be managed with an app from your phone, allowing you to program the specific temperature you want it to keep. The Ember will then keep that programmed temperature for about 80 minutes.  Perhaps surprisingly, the Ember is also super easy to hand wash.

We would definitely recommend the Ember as our high-end, ultra-tech pick.  The Ember is particularly nice for when you brew with lower temperature- such as when you use an Aeropress- to ensure your coffee can still stay warm for longer. 


OK, so where does that leave us?  To summarize, we like the Contigo AUTOSEAL as our overall top pick amongst travel mugs.  The AUTOSEAL technology is great for keeping your contents insulated and the build quality feels quite nice.  The Juro is our top value pick, offering a complete feature set at a very value price.  The Ember mug is a great gadget for a coffee enthusiast and is our high-end, ultra-tech pick.

Have a different opinion on any of these mugs? Let us know in the comments below!

Jay Arr

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