5 Coffee Scales Reviewed! (What is the best value?)

If you really want to make a great cup of coffee, then you should probably consider getting a coffee scale- as the correct coffee to water ratio is key to making a sublime cup of coffee. However, there are a plethora of scales available on the market- what features do you really need and how much should you spend?

Don’t worry because we’ve done the work for you! We evaluated 5 different coffee scales you might consider below.  But first, why can’t you just measure how much volume of coffee you are using? Is a scale really necessary?

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Why Do I Need A Coffee Scale?

You could try volumetric methods to get a crude estimation of how much coffee you are using like using “a scoop” or “X number of tablespoons”, but these methods are inherently flawed because different coffees tend to have varying density. Precisely, density is said to be inversely proportional to roasting time – this essentially means that darker roasts are often less dense than their lighter counterparts.

To remove doubt, weigh your coffee rather than estimating its amount in volume. This also ensures that you use the exact amount of ground every time. Now, you can focus on other variables required to make a great cup of coffee such as water temperature, grind size and extraction time.

5 Scales Worth Your Consideration

Shopping for a new coffee accessory can be fun, but there’s a lot to consider! We’ve looked five coffee scales for you, all with their unique pros and cons. ‘Weigh’ your options and see which ticks all the boxes for you!

  1. ERAVSOW Scale – Overall Winner
Eravsow coffee scale


  • Has a timer for brewing combined with weight reading
  • Extremely accurate measurement up to 0.1 grams
  • Powered by two included AA batteries
  • Value for money
  • Stainless Steel platform


  • Has a somewhat cheap look

The ERAVSOW is pretty much everything you need in a coffee scale, with a very legible and large backlit display, accurate measurement, and a timer. The display also features a screen indicator for both low battery and overload warning.

Eravsow scale

The timer is quite handy- it is pictured on the same display as the weight and automatically switches off once its been inactive for five minutes. Cleaning is also relatively straightforward thanks to its stainless-steel platform.

The only downside is that it doesn’t exactly look/feel premium. Other than that, the Eravsow is a handy piece of equipment to help you accurately measure your coffee and keep track of time.  Still, the ERAVSOW provides the important features for a coffee scale at a super reasonable price.

  1. Etekcity Digital Multifunction Scale – Best Value/Cheap Option
Etekcity coffee scale


  • Eye-catching stainless steel; looks sharp paired with dark display
  • Portable enough to fit in your drawer.
  • Fantastic value; one of cheapest options.
  • Included AAA batteries.


  • Auto-off functionality is a bit counterproductive as it makes it difficult to use it for a long while.
  • Doesn’t offer a very accurate measurement for very small amounts.

The Etekcity Digital Multifunction scale is both very portable and stylish looking.  It also happens to be a fantastic value at around only $10. It has a backlit display embossed in a stainless-steel frame that is extremely easy to wipe. As it is only about the size of an iPad mini, you won’t have any issues tucking this one away when not in use.

Another merit of the Etekcity scale is that it uses AAA batteries which are much easier to find than lithium batteries. However, we realized that it wasn’t as accurate as we would’ve liked when weighing very small amounts. Its accuracy starts from about 2 grams, which means that you would likely need to use a container to weigh something very small. The good thing is that this is far from a deal-breaker as you would generally only have to weigh coffee greater than 10 grams.

Etekcity scale
  1. Hario Drip Scale – Best Performance


  • Has a brewing timer combined with weight reading.
  • An extended auto-off time that permits you to use it for a longer period. Also, once the timer feature is in use, the auto-off function doesn’t activate.
  • Features extremely accurate measurement of up to 0.1 grams.


  • Significantly more expensive.
  • Measurement is displayed in only grams.

As the name implies, this scale was specially made for brewing coffee. We think it’s super sleek and stylish and very accurate. We aren’t totally surprised by its superior performance, seeing as it was made by Hario- a king in the specialty coffeeware market.

Also, the Hario Drip Scale does not kill your vibe with the annoying auto-off functionality that kicks in every minute (five minutes in this case), plus it also has a built-in timer and touch-sensitive controls.  Also, the auto-off 5 minutes doesn’t start if the timer is in use- this seems like relatively good design.

But- between $40 and $50 for a coffee scale? While this is probably the highest performance option on this list, the price tag makes it hard to recommend.

  1. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


  • Stylish and sleek design.
  • Affordable and portable.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons and tempered glass that makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Uses extra durable (better than AAA batteries) Lithium 3V batteries. 


  • AAA batteries are cheaper than the 3V Lithium battery.
  • No built in timer
  • Not a particularly good value

If you cherish style in a portable frame, then the Ozeri Scale might be the option for you. Overall, it’s an excellent coffee scale. With a tempered glass construction and its elegant shiny black color that charms the eyes, this is easily one of the most durable and stylish coffee scales on the list.

However, at the time of writing, it is more expensive than the Etekcity and doesn’t include a built in timer.  While aesthetically appealing, it would be hard to recommend it as a good value for a coffee scale.

  1. Apexstone Coffee Scale With Timer


  • Has various measurement units.
  • Built in timer
  • Backlit display.
  • 2 AAA batteries included


  • Lacks any real sense of style or sleekness. 
  • Feels relatively cheap
  • Doesn’t seem like a great value given its flimsyness and options like the ERAVSOW or Etekcity at about the same price

We weren’t overly impressed by the Apexstone.  It just felt substantially cheaper/flimsier that some of the other options we tested.  Additionally, it doesn’t have a particularly sleek look. It did measure reasonably well and included a timer, but given a number of other more reasonable choices, it would be hard to recommend.


Overall, we think the Eravsow comes out top when you factor in price, style, measurement accuracy, inclusion of a timer, and other features. The Etekcity is our best value for the money scale, but does not feature a timer. The Hario trumps the rest in terms of performance. However, its steep price tag of around $40-$50 will be a deal-breaker for most people.

Jay Arr

Jay Arr is passionate about everything coffee. What began as a simple interest in the history, production, and brewing of coffee led him to a job as a barista at a national coffee chain. That’s not where Jay’s story with coffee ends, however. Roasting and brewing day in and out, he continued to gather knowledge about all things coffee.

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