Buying a Coffee Bar: 6 Great Options Available Online!

If you are any kind of coffee aficionado, you probably collect different bean varieties, accessories, and other items that you come across in your travels. Whether you have an assortment of your favorite blends, a selection of amazing single origins, or an impressive coffee mug collection, a coffee bar can be a great way to store, display, and serve your coffee. Today, we are going to take a look at 6 great coffee bar options you can buy online.

What is a Coffee Bar?

Before sharing some great coffee bar options, let’s answer that question running through your mind: Whatis a coffee bar?

A coffee bar is a piece of furniture that can be used for the purpose of accommodating mugs, coffee beans, coffee makers, or other accessories related to coffee consumption and culture. A coffee bar can be a great addition to your home for a variety of reasons: 

  • Your love of coffee deserves its own special area in the kitchen or house 
  • Space, especially counter space, is limited 
  • You want a multi-functional piece of furniture for entertaining or storage. 

The coffee bar allows you to organize all of your coffee accoutrements and improve the way you prepare, enjoy, and serve your favorite beverage. Many coffee bars also have the beautiful look and element of working as storage space for other items, so you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home design. A beautiful design and look can be equally as important as a functional design in this case.

Considerations when Selecting a Coffee Bar

When looking to select a coffee bar, keep in mind the space you have available for it, the budget that you’d like to stay within, and the features that appeal to you. Pricewise, these stations can run anywhere from $30- $300, so factoring in design style and functionality can help narrow the options down. 

After deciding on your budget for the coffee bar, you can now focus on the size of the furniture, the design, and the available features. Thankfully, online retailers are generally very consistent with the provided measurements of the furniture sold and the pictures people post as when they review can help give you a more certain vision of how a piece might fit in your space.  You want a coffee bar with a seamless look, just the right size, the right price, and some handy features.

Now, here are some great coffee bar options available online right now!

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1) Mr. IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart Vintage Rolling Bakers Rack with 10 Hooks for Living Room Decoration

This 3-tier cart is an excellent low to mid-range price option. With a relatively simplistic design, it can fit a variety of spaces- from the kitchen or living room to even an office space. The solid construction of the cart also lends itself to functionality; it can double as a microwave stand or provide more storage in the kitchen. The well-constructed (detachable) wheels allow for more mobility of the cart should you need a temporary coffee or entertaining station in another area of the house. Finally, the handy and movable steel hooks can easily hold coffee mugs or kitchen utensils, as is needed.

2) VASAGLE Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack, Coffee Bar, Microwave Oven Stand Metal Frame, Wire Basket 6 Hooks Mini Oven, Spices Utensils, Simple Assembly Wood Look UKKS90X

At a slightly higher price point, this potential coffee bar offers a sturdier feel and design, more shelves to store your items, and even a drawer. The smooth wood and metal design will blend into your kitchen or living space with ease. It can be used as a coffee bar or entertaining hub, kitchen storage, or a reliable kitchen work surface- the versatility is definitely a plus! This cart also features a pull out drawer for mugs, silverware, or coffee pods with movable steel hooks on the side.  While the shelves are not adjustable, there is plenty of space between them to fit anything from an extra coffee maker to an Instant Pot!

3) Mr. IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf 35.5″ Microwave Stand 4-Tier+3-Tier Shelf for Spice Rack Organizer Workstation with 10 Hooks

While around the same price and size as the previous Mr. IRONSTONE, this cart from boasts a 4th tier that can hold anything from coffee mugs, your containers of coffee beans/grounds, or your favorite coffee sign! This model also features a larger pull out drawer and more steel hooks.  Design wise, this cart can fit in the kitchen, living room, or even in an office space.

4) Winsome Wood Galen Entertainment Cart

This entertainment cart lives up to its name. With a stylish design worthy of being used to entertain, this cart includes a removable serving tray, a wine glass rack with storage, a glass rack, adjustable shelves, and wheels that lock once you’ve moved it to the location you desire. The top of the cart is sturdy enough for your coffee machine, the shelves can hold mugs and utensils, and the doored cabinet is perfect to hold any supplies not currently in use. The serving tray is a fantastic feature too, as it allows you the freedom to remove it and set up any drink or coffee extras that your guests may need.

5) Kings Brand Furniture White Finish Wood Kitchen Storage Buffet Cabinet with Glass Doors

Transitioning from movable coffee bars to ones that are stationary and more furniture-like, this storage buffet works perfectly in most kitchens or dining spaces.  The clean look of the white wood and glass doors will blend in nicely in almost any space. The buffet cabinet is sturdy enough for your coffee machine, mugs, and any supplies you need at your coffee bar, and can also function as storage for plateware that isn’t normally used in your everyday rotation. The open shelf allows for ease of storage and display of mugs, silverware, and coffee accessories.

6) Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Farmhouse Buffet Sideboard Kitchen Dining Storage Cabinet Living Room, 32 Inch, Reclaimed Barn wood Brown

Combining the rustic feel of a barn door with the modern trend of cleaner lines and white wood, this buffet cabinet can be placed in your kitchen, your dining room, or even living room. The sliding door design allows for display of mugs, coffee pods, or decorations, while also storing extra supplies. While this buffet cabinet doesn’t have the ability to be easily moved from space to space, the idea of having a permanent coffee bar set up can be appealing. If you are looking for a more permanent fixture in your home, this is a great option to consider!

That Coffee Bar Really Tied the Room Together…

So, whether your dream for a coffee bar is something mobile or you are looking to add a new multi-functional piece of furniture fitting your home’s design aesthetic, there are some great options out there fitting your coffee needs. After all, for all the help and happiness coffee provides, it deserves its own special place of honor! 

Jay Arr

Jay Arr is passionate about everything coffee. What began as a simple interest in the history, production, and brewing of coffee led him to a job as a barista at a national coffee chain. That’s not where Jay’s story with coffee ends, however. Roasting and brewing day in and out, he continued to gather knowledge about all things coffee.

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