Our Coffee Review Master List!

At JayArr Coffee, we are always trying new coffees- from the offerings of the major companies like Peet’s/Starbucks to microroasters from around the world.  This page is intended to serve as a summary of our reviews.  We’ll try our best to keep it up-to-date – happy brewing!


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Coffee NameJayArr ScoreFull Review AtAvailable At
Peet’s Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain4.9Peet’s Gift SetSeasonally at: Peet’s Reserve Page
Peach Coffee Sumatra Lintong4.8Sumatran CoffeePeach Roasters
Kicking Horse Dark Roast4.7Organic CoffeeAmazon
Peet’s Arabian Mocha Sanani4.73 Coffee ComparisonPeet’s
Volcanica Coffee Sumatra Mandheling4.6Sumatran CoffeeVolcanica
Peet’s Reserve Red Mocha Haraaz4.6Peet’s Gift SetSeasonally at: Peet’s Reserve Page
Bizzy Cold Brew Roast4.5Organic CoffeeAmazon
Peet’s Ethiopian Super Natural4.5Ethiopian CoffeeSeasonally at: Peet’s
Peet’s Sumatra4.5Sumatran CoffeeAmazon
La Colombe Colombia – San Roque4.5Colombian CoffeeLa Colombe
Peet’s Yosemite Dos Sierra4.5Single Origin ReviewsPeet’s
Counter Culture Forty Six4.5Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon
Real Good Coffee Co. Dark4.4Organic CoffeeAmazon
Coava Coffee Kilenso Ethiopia4.4Ethiopian CoffeeCoava
Two Volcanoes Guatemala4.43 Coffee ComparisonAmazon
Peet’s Guatemalan San Sebastian4.4Single Origin ReviewsPeet’s
La Colombe Corsica4.38Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon
Tiny Footprint Cold Press4.3Organic CoffeeAmazon
Stone Street Tanazania Peaberry4.33 Coffee ComparisonAmazon
La Colombe Yirgacheffe4.25Ethiopian CoffeeLa Colombe
Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend4.25Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon
Starbucks Sumatra4.2Sumatran CoffeeAmazon
Volcanica Organic Guatemalan4.1Organic CoffeeVolcanica
Jo Coffee Decaf4.1Organic CoffeeAmazon
Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe4.1Ethiopian CoffeeVolcanica
Starbucks PNG4Single Origin ReviewsAmazon
Coffee Bean Direct Dark Sumatra3.9Sumatran CoffeeAmazon
Birch Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe3.75Ethiopian CoffeeBirch Coffee
Cafe Don Pablo Organic3.7Organic CoffeeAmazon
Koffee Kult Sumatra3.5Sumatran CoffeeAmazon
Stumptown Coffee – Narino Borderlands3.5Colombian CoffeeSeasonally Available at: Stumptown
Cafe Altura Organic Colombian3.5Colombian CoffeeAmazon
Pike’s Place3.5Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon
Coffee Bean Direct PNG3.3Organic CoffeeAmazon
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Sumatra3.25Sumatran CoffeeAmazon
Cooper’s Ethiopian Whole Bean3Ethiopian CoffeeAmazon
Jim’s Organic Colombian – Santa Marta3Colombian CoffeeAmazon
Eight O’Clock Colombian3Colombian CoffeeAmazon
Jim’s Organic Ethiopian Sidamo2.75Ethiopian CoffeeJim’s Organic
Death Wish Coffee2.5Organic CoffeeDeath Wish
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Colombian2.5Colombian CoffeeAmazon
Maxwell House Original2.25Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon
Folgers Classic Roast1.5Wegman’s ReviewsAmazon